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If Your 2017 Ford Focus was Built this June, Contact Bergey's Ford of Ambler About a Safety Recall

Dear Ford Focus customers, we've become aware of a new safety recall for the 2017 Ford Focus that may need your attention.

Before you panic, this recall only affects 698 vehicles sold in the United States, and only affects Focus models built between June 7 and June 12, 2017. If that doesn't apply to you, breathe a sigh of relief, and carry on. If it does, however, or if you're unsure, please contact our service department at (888…

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New Ford F-150 Standard Engine

The new 2018 Ford F-150 is bringing an all-new 3.3-liter V6. The optional engine models include a 2.7 EcoBoost V6, 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine, 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine, the Raptor's High-Output 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine, and the first Ford F-150 Power Stroke diesel.

The Standard 3.3-liter Ti-VCT V6 Engine

This new standard engine while smaller than the 2017 Ford F-150's standard 3.5-liter engine, does not sacrifice anything in power. Delivering the same 282 horsepower and 253 pound-feet of torque, the new standard engine brings a more fuel efficient engine to the…

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A Quiet Neighbor with the 2018 Ford Mustang

The upcoming 2018 Ford Mustang has a lot of features that are all about performance and fun but, if you ask us, one of the most interesting features involves being quieter! That's right: the 2018 Mustang has a new Quiet Exhaust mode that can muffle your exhaust noise so you can be the polite driver your neighbors always knew you were. Even better, there's a Quiet Start feature so it's less loud from the start and, with the Quiet Time setting, you can put specific times when Quiet Exhaust mode automatically comes on. Take a look below…

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Biggest Warning Signs Your Car Battery Needs Servicing

When your car battery is running in a peak state, all the things in your car that you take for granted are working perfectly fine. Consider the following warning signs there is a problem with your car battery:
  • The check-engine light that is on the instrument panel is either blinking or it is staying lit.
  • When you try to start the car in the morning, the engine cranks very slowly.
  • The headlights appear to be very dim once the car is running in the morning.
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Essential Guide to Road Trip Safety this Summer

Nothing can spoil a road trip worse than being stranded on the side of the road with a broken down car while the clock is ticking on your vacation. Instead of sitting on a highway waiting for help, here are some safety tips for having the safest possible time on the road.

Bring a tire gauge and keep in handy because you want to check the tire pressure each time you stop to get fuel along the trip.

By placing a set of jumper cables in the trunk, you are going to get fast help from anyone who pulls over…
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2017 Ford Mustang Flexes for carwow Critics

A true living legend of the lineup, we here at Bergey's Ford of Ambler have nothing but love for the 2017 Mustang, our esteemed American automaker's superstar sports car.

Wondering why that is?

Then, allow carwow pundit Mat Watson to explain; check out his review of the Mustang right here:

In base form, the Mustang receives a 3.7-liter V6 engine as standard. Available with your preference of either a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic with paddle shifters, the base six-banger produces a hearty 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque.

The top-tier GT trim, by…

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Categories: , , Sings Praises of Spunky 2017 Ford Focus RS

Are you seeking a hot hatchback for your next daily driver? Well, if so, we here at Bergey's Ford of Ambler think you may well flip your lid for ours, the 2017 Focus RS.

And what makes us say that, exactly?

Get the inside scoop from Road Test Editor Dan Ilika; his evaluation of the Focus RS is available in the clip below:

Beneath the Focus RS's bonnet, a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine holds court with a six-speed manual transmission. Served up standard with all-wheel drive, the Focus RS generates a gargantuan 350 horsepower and…

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Keeping a First Aid Kit for an Emergency Roadside Kit

A first-aid kit is one of the essential things that needs to be in a roadside emergency kit to help and deal with any potential medical emergencies that may come along the way while you and your family is on the road. While it is not very likely that you will need to ever make use of this, there is always the chance that your kids may suffer a small cut or abrasion while on the road. Having a kit that well stocked and well supplied is essential.

One of the things that you will need to address is that…
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