New Blind Spot System Helps You be a Safer Driver

Most drivers are aware that checking your mirrors periodically is a good habit that is used to pick up cars that are traveling in your blind spot. The blind spot is that section of the roadway that is located from 10 to 15 feet to the rear of your vehicle on either side. If you are contemplating making a turn or changing lanes, that vehicle that you don't see could very well hit your vehicle and an unpleasant accident could be the result. Thankfully, Ford has introduced safety technology that can help with your Ambler, PA excursions.

The Ford Blind Spot Information System uses sensors to detect any vehicle that is traveling that area. The Ford system is not meant to replace your good habits, but it is meant to enhance your ability to see these vehicles. Even with good habits there are times when a vehicle can be invisible for a moment or two, enough time for you to begin a turn or a lane change. The electronic system can be a great help in the prevention of a possible accident in this type of situation.

Visit Bergey’s Ford of Ambler soon to learn more about the available safety technologies in new Ford vehicles for sale!

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