Biggest Warning Signs Your Car Battery Needs Servicing

When your car battery is running in a peak state, all the things in your car that you take for granted are working perfectly fine. Consider the following warning signs there is a problem with your car battery:
  • The check-engine light that is on the instrument panel is either blinking or it is staying lit.
  • When you try to start the car in the morning, the engine cranks very slowly.
  • The headlights appear to be very dim once the car is running in the morning.
  • The sound of the car horn is much lower than it normally sounds.
  • The car needs to be jump started occasionally.
  • The battery casing is swollen and there is a strange odor coming from the battery compartment.
Bring your vehicle to our dealership and we can do a full inspection on the car battery. We can replace it if needed so you can get back on the road.
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