Get Tire Service Today, We Can Help

​Tire service is one of the most often forgotten about aspects of car care. The truth is that our tires are one of the most important parts of our car in terms of both performance, and safety. They are also one of the fastest-wearing parts of our vehicles. Tread wear, balding, and balance issues can all affect the ride comfort, stopping, and fuel economy of your vehicle. Most manufacturers recommend tire service every 15,000 miles, but if you do a lot of stop-and-go city driving, or if you drive more often than most people, you may need tire service more often.

If it’s time for your car or truck to get tire service, don’t trust the task to just anyone -- come see us at Bergey's Ford of Ambler. The tire experts at our service center will be happy to set you up with a tire service package and if needed help you with any tire replacement needs. Come in and see us today and let us help you keep your tires in great shape and your car driving at its best.
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