If Your 2017 Ford Focus was Built this June, Contact Bergey's Ford of Ambler About a Safety Recall

Dear Ford Focus customers, we've become aware of a new safety recall for the 2017 Ford Focus that may need your attention.

Before you panic, this recall only affects 698 vehicles sold in the United States, and only affects Focus models built between June 7 and June 12, 2017. If that doesn't apply to you, breathe a sigh of relief, and carry on. If it does, however, or if you're unsure, please contact our service department at (888) 319-1718.

Ford discovered a welding defect in the rear-passenger seat on the driver's side of the vehicle, causing it to be less resilient than needed in a crash. Nobody has been hurt so far to Ford's knowledge, but if one of these vehicles is involved in a traffic collision, passengers in the defective seat could be at greater risk of injury (as could the driver in front of them).

At Bergey's Ford of Ambler, we have the utmost concern for our customers, so we urge anyone who may be driving a recalled 2017 Ford Focus to bring it to our service center as soon as possible for inspection and, if necessary, repair.

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