What are Transmission Fluid Coolers?

Your engine and your transmission both operate at high rates of speed. Your transmission contains large numbers of metal gears rotating quickly and clashing against one another. In the process, lots of heat is produced by the transmission components. This heat is absorbed by the transmission fluid, but if temperatures become too high, these components face serious damage.

To protect against this eventuality, designers created transmission fluid coolers. These devices can mount almost anywhere on a vehicle, but they most often appear inside of radiator inlet or outlet tanks. Hot fluid from the transmission flows through this device, where cool engine fluid flows over it and removes excess heat.

Like the rest of your system, the transmission cooler and associated hoses need occasional inspections. Here at our Ambler, PA location, our certified car heating and cooling system professionals perform transmission cooler inspections, repairs, and upgrades all of the time. To take advantage of the benefits of a cooling system upgrade, come by Bergey's Ford of Ambler today for a no-hassle conversation about your system.

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