Stay Safe With Fresh Tires

People who think of safety when it comes to their vehicles seldom think about the tread depth of their tires. Most of them assume that as long as the tire holds air that it is good to go on the streets of Ambler, PA.

Tire tread is a very important factor to be concerned about. If a tire does not have thick enough tire tread, then it cannot do its job of gripping the road. In order for a vehicle to stay on the road, this is essential. If you are finding that your tires spin when taking off from a stop or that your tires are making a squealing sound when you are turning corners, then there is a good chance that the tires need to be changed due to improper tire depth. If you are located by our dealership, we would be happy to have you stop by and see us at Bergey’s Ford of Ambler so that we can rectify the situation.

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