Technology Features Packed into the All-New Ford Taurus

The team at Bergey's Ford of Ambler wanted to give our audience a glimpse into all the safety features packed into this year's new Ford Taurus full-size sedan. As you move the Ford Taurus in reverse, this is when the Cross-Traffic Alert system begins scanning far out in both directions to identify vehicles that could be moving into your path. If a vehicle is moving into your path, then the side mirror on that side of your vehicle begins flashing so you know which way to look and to proceed with caution.

The Blind Spot Information System that comes in your new Ford Taurus was designed to help keep you safe in your driving lane on a busy highway. Sensors in the back of the vehicle are constantly scanning the road for another vehicle that is about to or already has rolled into one of your blind spots and will flash a warning so you avoid that lane until clear.



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