The Ford F-150 Raptor has been turning heads on the road since it’s unveiling in 2018. The latest redesign from Ford prioritizes power over everything, but the sleek design is hard to beat. The new body style, head lamps, and fog lamps look incredibly modern on the redesign, but the cargo bed feels longer and more spacious. In fact, US News & World Report said that the F-150 was a supercar on any road.

The latest design has a new grille as well, revealing the importance of a tough-looking front end. The elongated, spacious cab allows for more space and passengers, which is perfect for those who have a family or a lot of work buddies who want to go to lunch. They’ll be amazed by the new power in the latest engine lineup as well. The new Raptor can get up to 450 horsepower.

You can test drive the latest Raptor when you visit Bergey's Ford of Ambler. Isn’t it time you loved the car you drive?



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