The Auto Start-Stop technology makes the Ford Edge one of the most efficient crossover SUVs. Responding to traffic flow, this signature function completely shuts off the powertrain when the car stands still. This fuel-saving feature is standard in the 2.0L I-4 and 2.7L V6 turbocharged engines, which both claim the EcoBoost badge.

The Active Warm Up technology is another class-exclusive installation under the hood of this Ford model. As the name suggests, this function warms up the transmission system for optimal operations. The racing-style feature guarantees quick gear changes in various driving conditions. Up to eight gear ratios are also at your fingertips. Additionally, the gearbox responds to the electronic rotary selector that replaces a conventional handle or knob.

You can disconnect the rear driveline in the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive that's engineered to maximize traction on various terrains. The front-wheel drive is fully engaged in normal driving conditions.



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