The Well-Designed Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is one of America's favorite sedans. This mid-sized car has a lot to recommend. It's loaded with safety features, it gets good gas mileage, and it delivers a very comfortable ride. All in all, the Fusion is one of the best designed cars on the road.

The Fusion is a triumph of both form and function. Features like the distinctive grille and rear spoiler don't just look good. They also improve efficiency. The sleek, rounded design of this car is pleasing, but it also helps reduce drag. This kind of thoughtful design extends to the interior. The cabin is spacious. The rotary shift dial is intuitive. Leather trim and other details add a feeling of luxury.

To experience the great design of the Fusion for yourself, come to Bergey's Ford of Ambler. We would love to take you for a test drive. Seeing is believing when it comes to these great design features.



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