The Engineering Behind the Ford Mustang's Exhaust Sound Revealed

When it comes to powerful sounding performance vehicles, the Ford Mustang stands out. That's because Ford engineers have worked for years to perfect the Mustang's audio note. Here is a look at how the engineers pulled it off.

Ford engineers have studied human DNA and how people react to certain sounds. Before birth, human beings are conditioned to react to strong audio stimulation in the womb. With that knowledge in mind, Ford engineers calibrate the Mustang's exhaust note to give it some signature sounds. To give Mustang drivers the ultimate control of their vehicle's sound, the Mustang offers a unique exhaust select mode. That allows you to tune your exhaust note for certain times while on the track or the road.

This is your chance to see and hear the Mustang for yourself. Take a test drive at Bergey's Ford of Ambler. Don't wait. We expect our inventory of the Ford Mustang to move fast.


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